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Book Errata and Additions

The following information includes updates or corrections of material printed in the revised edition of Corralitos. If you have any corrections, additions or name changes, please feel free to contact me.

Page 5 - First paragraph - Juan Bandini was never Governor of Alta California. Since the Panther arrived in July 1822, it would seem that Jose Amesti presented his land grant authorization to Governor Pablo Vicente de Sola who was governor until November 22, 1822

Pages 52, 110, 301 - Harriette Proctor's name was misspelled.

Page 118 - Anna Elmira Dye, described as "perhaps the most beloved resident of Corralitos" died in April of 1947. "She was a charter member of the Corralitos W.C.T.U. and first chairman of the L.T.L. (Loyal Temperance League) in the Corralitos community. She was a staunch worker along all lines of Temperance and the W.C.T.U. was her hobby. She had a large part in clearing the saloons out of Corralitos and circulated many a petition along that line, as well as for Woman's Suffrage. She was tireless in her efforts on all lines of W.C.T.U work and reforms in general. She was a fine Christian character with a great sympathy for those less fortunate. A lover of flowers, her old fashioned garden with its profusion of flowers was always ready for the demands made upon it and furnished decorations for many a social gathering." (She is in the photo on page 119)

Page 118 - "Mrs. Alberta Bowman was a cousin of Anna E. Dye, whom she came to visit in Corralitos in 1890. Here she met and married Walter Bowman in 1892. To them were born three children, Viola, Bayard and Norma, all of whom are still living at this date. Mrs. Bowman was a woman of ability and fine character and a faithful worker as first President of the Corralitos W.C.T.U., and in those days thought nothing of walking two miles to a meeting, as did most women at that time. She was ill with cancer for many months and the family moved to Oakland where she could have better care. She died there in 1922. She was the first woman to invite me to attend and become a member of the Corralitos W.C.T.U. in 1918. She wore white a great deal, and this day in particular looked very handsome in a white serge dress. The meeting was at the home of Mrs. Ida Davis." Written by Mrs. Maud Jack 1948

Page 130 Photo with school children was taken in 1914.

Page 136 Photo with school children was 1930-1931 school year. This is the other half of the photo that is in Hazel's growing up story when she was in the fifth grade. (Many names are available)

Page 137 - In top photo Genevieve Ortner is sitting next to Joan Jensen.

Page 160 - The name should be "Emma Coon Bradley", not Emma Coons Bradley. The spelling correction should also be noted on page 282 of the index. Emma was the daughter of Herbert William Coon and Julia Etta Stewart Coon.

Page 181 - The top photo caption should read "Joseph Totten spray rig" instead of Reuben Totten. Reuben was Joseph's son.

Page 183 - The home of the Eng Chung family was about where the Corralitos Woman's Clubhouse is located. It burned down in 1919. The dryer was towards the Corralitos Market.

Page 208 - Franklin Aldridge's first wife was Elizabeth Young, who died in 1862. (Their daughter Emily Margaret married Elias Bradley. Albert Allen Bradley mentioned in references and notes # 42 is Emily and Elias's third son.)

Page 267, #8 - should read "Hubert Howe Bancroft", not Herbert.

Page 273, #98 - should read "Homer Marchant Rider, son of Dickamon A. and Cordelia Rider. In the late 1940s, Homer Allen Rider and wife Isabella (Belle) started the H. A. Rider apple growing . . . "

Page 300 - The Mengol name was misspelled in reference to page 132.

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